Je ne sais plus qui a fait quoi


This film made in Benin deals with the necessity for humanity to achieve unity. It is about going beyond the illusion of human relationships in which truth and power are too often defined according to a single point of view.


Je ne sais plus qui a fait quoi

DIRECTION: Antoine Renouard & Adrien Michel

EDITING: Antoine Renouard

PRODUCER: Sonagnon (Bénin) Artechanges (Bénin / France) Creations Entrelacées (France) - Avec le soutien de Artisttik Afrika

CHOREOGRAPHY: Francesca Pedullà - Marguerite Salvy - Sara Parisi

PERFORMERS: Michel Adjissé - Richard Adossou - Rachelle Agbossou - Frey Faust - Guillaume Niedjo - Clement Kakpo - Marguerite Salvy - Francesca Pedullà - Sara Parisi

TECHNICAL TEM: Julien Bonelli - Attikpo Delama - Adrien Michel - Antoine Renouard - Ian Booth


2013, Bénin / France

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