Creation date : 2004

“Echoa” aims to sharpen the musicality of dance and underline the choreography of music. An unexpected dance concert where one can see dance with new ears.



Stretching an arch between body and sound to go beyond the classic relationship between musicians and dancers. In this search for a subtle common space, two percussion structures are placed on stage, with and around which the construction of the piece will take place. Without exchanging their roles, they explore their gestures and appropriate each other's rhythms to bring out new meaning.
How does a percussionist dance?
How does the body of a dancer sound?
“Echoa” aims to sharpen the musicality of dance and underline the choreography of music. An unexpected dance concert where one can see dance with new ears.

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Conception Thomas Guerry, Camille Rocailleux danseurs Thomas Guerry, Éléonore Guisnet percussionnistes Camille Rocailleux, Samuel Favre Minh-Tam Nguyen (en alternance) régie lumière Olivier Modol régie son Christian Hierro coproduction Théâtre Villeneuve-Lès-Maguelonne Scène Conventionnée Jeune Public en Languedoc-Roussillon / Mitiki avec le soutien de la Maison de la Danse/Lyon, la Scène sur Saône/Lyon, Les Fédérés – Centre Dramatique National de Montluçon, le Pot au Noir/Rivoiranche. Toute la compagnie tient à remercier spécialement André Curmi pour sa confiance et son soutien décisifs.
Réalisation Charles Picq date du document vidéo 2005 production Maison de la Danse

Rocailleux, Camille

Born in 1977, Camille Rocailleux graduated from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon and won the First prize.

He co-founded the ARCOSM company with Thomas Guerry in 2000. This step marked the begining of a important artistic work and the creation of 4 dancing and musical play: "Echoa" (2001), "Lisa" (2007), "La Mecanique des Anges" (2009) "Traverse" (2010) "Solonely" (2012), "Bounce!" (2013), "Sublime" (2015).

Camille Rocailleux contributes to various artistes and bands: National Symphonic Orchestras of Lyon and Toulouse, The Opéra National de Lyon, The Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg (Chamber Music order for « Dance010 ») The actor and storyteller Yannick Jaulin (composition of musics and shows : "J’ai pas fermé l’œil de la nuit", "Menteur", "Terrien", "Le dodo", "Conteur? Conteur!" …), the film-makers Jean-Pierre Lledo, Gilles Porte, Gaël Morel (original soundtracks of: "Le Clan", "New Wave", "Notre Paradis"), the singer Daphnée (Prix Constantin 2007), production of her album "L’Émeraude", artistic contribution with Benjamin Biolay and the pianist Gonzales, contribution to the album "Carmin", the singer Camille (Body-percussionnist and choir singer ring the wordlwide tour – Music Hole Tour), the beat boxers Ezra and L.O.S. (Bionicologists project), the Jérôme Savary company (solo of Mona Heftre in the play "Albertine") and stage directors Laurent Brethome (Projet « H »), Dominique Lardenois, Yves Beaunesne ("Pionniers à Ingolstadt", "L’Annonce faite à Marie").

In 2013, he founds his own company of music, E.V.E.R. and creates "Obstinés!" (2013) and "Nous" (2016).

Source : The Arcosm company 's website

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Guerry, Thomas

Born in 1978, he graduated from the Conservatoire National de Région de Lyon, then from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon. He improved his training with Odile Duboc, Fabrice Ramalingom, Hélène Cathala, Betty Jones etc.

He joined the Skanes Dance Theatre in Sweden in 1999. He danced in "Meublé Sommairement" (2000) and in "Matière Première" (2002), produced by the association Les Carnets Bagouets; in "Les allées et Venues "(2000) and "Dehors" (2002), produced by La Veilleuse/Christine Jouve Co. He danced with Bernard Glandier in "Le Roi des Bons", Thomas Lebrun in "On prendra bien le temps d’y être", in 2001, "La Trêve(s)" in 2004, "What you want" in 2006 and in "Switch" (2007).

He founded the Arcosm Co in 2000 with Camille Rocailleux and created "Echoa" November 2001, followed by "Lisa" (2006), "La Mécanique des Anges" (2009), "Traverse" (2011), "Solonely" (2012), "Bounce!" (2013), Sublime (2015) & Subliminal (2016). He took part in the choreography of the performance Carnets de notes for the Odysee Ensemble (2003). He choreographed the solo for the State Diploma with Sylvie Giron. Two years later, he was invited by the association Les Carnets Bagouet to stage again for Les Ballets de Nancy another play of their repertoire: Les petites pièces de Berlin. The Ensemble Odyssée Co also called him to stage their new show Le concert interdit.

He wrote a feature film scenario entitled « La boîte en Fer Rouge » with Bertrand Guerry. In 2009, he worked with his brother on the scenario of the feature film « Back Home ». His choreographic experience can be seen through the sharp vision of the destruction of main character’s body.

Sources: Arcosm Co 's website

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Artictic Direction: Thomas Guerry, Camille Rocailleux

Creation: 2001

Founded in Lyon in 2001, Arcosm is co-directed by Thomas Guerry (dancer, choreographer and director) and Camille Rocailleux (percussionist, pianist and composer). The company has chosen as its main focus all forms of crossover and links between different disciplines and artistic vocabularies. It is based on the multiple ways music, song and dance can interlock. The voice, as material, rhythm, melody, timbre or texture, is an inseparable part of the musical world and adds colour, shape and theatricality to the characters. The specific skills and abilities of the performers are taken into account, but they are also invited to explore other less-familiar modes of expression. In this way, the experimentation spaces provoke new dynamics where extremely well-mastered techniques are to be found alongside precious and indispensible “fragilities”, which act as a kind of sensitive and emotional intrusion. Agitation, de-compartmentalisation: every enterprise founded based on curiosity allows apparently-distant fields of activity to be attained. So, we have no intention of suggesting a sharing of existing rules. We are coming with the ambition of constructing trajectories together which have no predetermined destination, strategies and bifurcations. We are building a set of stretches of road alongside the road, as a way of broadening the field of vision. Fragmented, fiery, audacious, serious or funny, the company's shows reflect our everyday world, times in our lives that are sometimes chaotic, sometimes rebellious or madly euphoric, but always with emotions near the surface.

The piece “Echoa”, the company's first creation (2001) in Angoulême for two dancers and two musicians, has been performed over four hundred times on French soil and has been performed by invitation in Brazil, Luxembourg, Wales, Japan and many North American states. As demands to host the piece both in France and abroad continued, even when its two creators were engaged on their second project (as performers as well as choreographers), they chose to retain it and “hand it on” to young performers, musicians and dancers like themselves, coming from similar training backgrounds (Lyon and Paris conservatoires). 

Source: Arcosm 's website ; Maison de la Danse show program

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