Têtes de Sardines

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The choreographed adventures of 4 fearless head with no body in 16 - 3 minute episodes in static shot with no special effects accompanied by an accordion.


Tête de sardine

Artistic direction Denis Plassard

Silent movie for children in 16 episodes.
The choreographed adventures of 4 fearless head with no body in 16 - 3 minute episodes in static shot with no special effects accompanied by an accordion.
The characters of these adventures are heads ! The rest of their bodies does not exist anymore. Just like little creatures, they move more or less easily in a small space, the size of the screen. A sort of aquarium from which they can't escape. With their sturdy characters, these sardines, as mute as fishes, observe each other attentively. Their expressions, winks, looks or winces are the vocabulary of their discussions.

Source : Cie Propos


Conception, scénario, mise en scène et chorégraphie Denis Plassard
Les sardines Pauline Laidet (Claudine), Géraldine Mainguet (Jeannine), Anne-Sophie Fayolle (Joséphine), Corinne Pontana (Micheline), Denis Plassard ( Les mains et La Tête avec oreilles)

Création musicale Norbert Pignol (Accordéon solo)
Images Pascal Nottoli Cadreurs Eric Chevillard, Pascal Nottoli Assistant caméraman Xavier Gresse
Lumières Nicolas Boudier Conception costumes invisibles Béatrice Vermande Conception et réalisation cagoules invisibles Armelle Ewande Réalisation costumes Alexandra Berthet, Béatrice Vermande Habilleuse et accessoiriste Alexandra Berthet Maquillages Christelle Paillard, Mireille Sourbier
Répétiteur Xavier Gresse Stagiaire Giulia Arcuda Construction Nicolas Boudier, Damien Ghenassia Régie générale Nicolas Boudier, Damien Ghenassia, Bruno Izard Générique Pascal Nottoli Mastering Son Pascal Cacouault
Durée du film 50 min. environ (16 épisodes de 3 min)

Updating : July 2013

Plassard, Denis

Denis Plassard started to dance on a misunderstanding : wrapped up in crepe paper for the "End of the Year Show" in primary school, he was convinced that the steps meant something and that putting them together was just like writing sentences to tell a story... Since then, a question (a bit odd for a dancer/choreographer) haunts him: what does the movement mean? What do we say when we move?

He then decided to study dance and entered the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Lyon. After he graduated, he danced for 2 seasons with Josette Baïz's company in Aix-en-Provence.

In 1991, at the age of 23, he set up his own company named after his first solo, “Propos”, which was created the year before. Very early in his choreographic career, he tried to create dynamic links between speech and movement and his work focused on the connection between "Dance and Text". His choreographic writing is precise, sharp and very theatrical, and his style is quirky and full of humour and derision. Prolific choreographer and eager dancer, he enjoys being confronted with new universes and is continually looking for artistic meetings and crossroads between different aesthetics.

From Kafka to Mermet, from Bizet to Labiche, from the stage to the circus ring, he keeps having new ideas that mix hip-hop, circus, music, theatre and dance.

Source : The company Propos 's website

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