The Spectator's moment: Jean-Claude Gallotta

Jean-Claude Gallotta, leading figure of the French contemporary dance, is the director of the centre chorégraphique national of Grenoble.

3rd Flamenco Art Biennial

This time again the third flamenco art Biennale features an exceptional lineup, bringing Paris close to the heart of duende : Andrés Marín, Alan Lucien Øyen, José Galván, Rafaela Carrasco, Rocío Molina...

La Mirada del avestruz


In a Colombia ravaged by violence, choreographers fight with what weapons they have: body and dance. Tino Fernández, a Spaniard who has lived in Bogota for nearly eight years, is constantly devising allegories, sometimes unknowingly, for Colombia.

répétition Barrel House Blues


Rehearsal images from the show 'Barrel House Blues' by Katherine Duham, reprised by the choreographer James Carlès.

Teaser - "D. Quixote" by Andrés Marín

Andrés Marín embraces fictional territory to stir up one of the founding myths of Spanish culture and reshape his dance. Looking beyond the mythical character and his adventures, the choreographer reinvent a hybrid, sensual, loud and provocative flamenco.